We provide organisations with practical and market-aligned advice on communicating their material economic, environmental, social and governance sustainability factors to their stakeholders effectively based on international standards such as the GRI Standards.

We have the technical expertise and relevant experience to provide a full range of sustainability reporting advisory services as follows:

  • Facilitate the implementation of a leading international sustainability reporting framework
  • Perform materiality assessment with key managers to identify and prioritise key sustainability factors
  • Facilitate the identification of performance indicators to disclose and which compliance level can reasonably be achieved
  • Facilitate the establishment of relevant and robust targets to measure sustainability performance
  • Assist in preparing Sustainability Reports
  • Train senior managers on requirements of Sustainability Reporting and market best practice

Our sustainability process begins with the identification of relevant sustainability factors. Relevant factors are prioritised as material factors which are then validated. The end result of this process is a list of material factors disclosed in the Sustainability Report. The review focuses on the material factors in the previous reporting period. It also considers stakeholders’ feedback, changing business landscape and emerging trends.